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Talent Development | “Leader Transformation Plan” Phase III – Team Review and Coach Workshop


In today’s rapidly changing market environment, enterprises need to constantly innovate and optimize to adapt to constantly changing market demands. The key to achieving this goal lies in having a team with innovative capabilities and excellent leadership. The “Leader Transformation Plan” – “Team Review and Coach Workshop” was launched as scheduled at the Kunshan headquarters.

Team Review

“Review” is originally a Go term, which means that after each game is over, both players repeat the previous match. This can effectively deepen the impression of the game and identify the loopholes in both sides’ offense and defense. It is a good way to check the advantages and disadvantages of the moves in the game, and the key is to improve one’s own level.

Our old friend, Teacher Cai, is still serving as the mentor for this training session. He has led all students to review the learning skills of situational leadership and goal and performance management through a precise review workflow. He has also followed up on the application of classroom results in the two training sessions to ensure that classroom content is effective in practical work. Managers eagerly shared the gains and challenges from practice, and the classroom atmosphere was lively.

Review and consolidation of knowledge

In the second stage of the course, Mr. Cai “pointed out the common confusion and management difficulties” submitted by the managers in the pre-class research. Based on the knowledge points of coaching techniques and performance coaching, Teacher Cai helps students further consolidate how to dynamically and accurately identify the development status of employees in different management contexts, and use appropriate management, motivation, or coaching guidance methods to help employees achieve better career development and personal growth.

On-site, Teacher Cai further explained the application skills of the “1-on-1 Partnership Dialogue” tool for practical situational leadership skills, inspiring students to learn and apply it in subsequent management actions.

Focus on organizational talent development strategy team co-creation

In the context of the current organizational talent development strategy, retrospective and coaching techniques will be efficiently applied in the management of middle and senior management, guiding managers to deeply reflect on the current status of talent development and talent strategy, and jointly create and reach consensus to achieve talent development expectations.

“If talent is not developed, what consequences will the enterprise face?”

“As a management team, what can we do for talent development?”

Under the guidance of Teacher Cai, managers have organized discussions based on two core issues that run through the main line. Each group has independently reviewed, shared within the group, and displayed on the wall. They first thought independently, then brainstormed the crystallization of group wisdom. Through voting, they selected the most important and actionable aspects of the current management team, and ultimately reached a consensus.


The “Leader Transformation Plan” phase III has come to the end. In the future, FHS Group will continue to focus on building a human resource management system that is integrated with the company’s business and can support the achievement of strategic goals. With the vision of becoming a prestigious global smart manufacturing enterprise, FHS Group will continuously explore the path of talent cultivation, adhere to goal orientation, problem orientation, and result orientation, improve management efficiency, optimize and improve management methods, systems, and mechanisms, and promote the high-quality development of the enterprise.

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