To Become a Prestigious Global Smart Manufacturing Enterprise To Become a Prestigious Global Smart Manufacturing Enterprise

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FHS Group, headquartered in Kunshan, Jiangsu Province, China, provides world-class intelligent, digital, and flexible production solutions to globally prestigious customers in new energy batteries, motors, automotive OEMs, automotive parts, and medical sectors.


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New Energy Automation

With over a decade of experience in developing manufacturing equipment and delivering high-standard, intelligent projects for global clients, FHS excels in providing production equipment and quality control for power batteries, energy storage products, motors, and electronic control products.


Automotive Automation

FHS provides advanced production solutions for the automotive industry, including power systems, body systems, steering systems, automotive electronics, and intelligent driving cabins. We are a trusted partner for top global automotive parts manufacturers, known for our efficiency and reliability in smart manufacturing.


Medical Automation

FHS specializes in developing and manufacturing assembly and testing lines for various medical devices, featuring comprehensive capabilities in physical testing (such as leak, flow, and high-precision small torque tests) and electrical testing. Our smart manufacturing solutions are designed to safeguard health and ensure safety.


Maglev Transport

FHS is one of the earliest manufacturers in China to apply magnetic levitation technology to the medical and new energy industries, accumulating rich experience. Our magnetic levitation R&D center was established in 2019, providing system level transmission solutions. Our products include FTS-MT small and medium-sized load loop lines that have been used in lithium battery production, FTS-HT heavy-duty line and FTS-LT light load diversion line.

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