Control Technology

Intelligent Production Line Central Control System Intelligent Production Line PLC Control System Motor Drive and Control Technology Motion Control Technology Roll-to-roll Tension Control Technology
Busbar Welding Side Seam Welding Cylinder Battery Wire Welding Top Cover Welding Square Battery Welding Hi-PIN Ring Light Low Spatter Laser Welding for Flat Wire Motors Vision-guided Laser Welding of Flat Wire Motor IGBT

Laser Welding Technology

Laser Surface Treatment Technology

Flat Wire Laser Paint Stripping Process Full Fiber Laser Cleaning of Flat Wire Motor Enameled Wires
Cell Stacking Module Packaging CTP-S Floating Flexible Heavy-duty Gripper Air Tightness Testing Technology Magnetic Steel Assembly Technology Stator Heating Jacket Technology Stator and Rotor Assembly Technology

Assembly Technology

Testing Technology

Visual Inspection Technology Embedded Test System Technology Linear Position Detection Technology
FHS Program Standardization Library Standardization of Electrical Drawing Design Virtual Simulation and Debugging Technology MES Software Development Platform Vision Software Development Platform Electrical Design Platform Modularization Self-developed and Implemented Operating System Digital Twin

Smart Factory Technology

Maglev Transport Technology

High Precision Position Sensor Technology Torque Ripple Suppression Technology Dynamic Intelligent Scheduling Algorithm
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