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Talent Development | “Leader Transformation Plan” Phase II – Performance Management from a Strategic Perspective


With the arrival of the VUCA era, facing the uncertainty of the future world, more thinking has been triggered on how the human resource management system can better adapt to the changes of the times and enhance enterprise development.

To continuously promote the construction of human resource management system and cultivate a high-quality management talent pool. Recently, the second phase of the “Leader Transformation Plan” Phase II – Performance Management Course from a Strategic Perspective was launched as scheduled at the Kunshan headquarters.

For this event, FHS Group has invited Professor Ma Li, an expert in human resources solutions, to serve as the training lecturer.

  • How to formulate performance goals from corporate strategy?
  • How to establish a performance evaluation system and tools?
  • How to effectively conduct performance evaluation?
  • What to do if employee performance is poor?

Under the guidance of Professor Ma, managers entered an immersive learning state. Through case analysis, role-playing, group discussions, and other methods, fully interpret how to achieve the transition from strategic planning to performance goals, from company business goals to departmental goals, and combine scientific management tools to systematically think and learn about performance management. Each group member actively spoke and interacted with each other based on their actual work situation, creating a strong atmosphere at the training site.

Summary and sharing

Finally, Mr. Zou Zhi, Deputy General Manager of the Human Resources Administration Center, shared that the core content of this course is how to combine performance management with organizational strategy to support the long-term development and goal achievement of enterprises. Performance management from a strategic perspective ultimately boils down to the process of decoding strategy into key tasks and then decomposing organizational performance. Mr. Zou hoped that everyone could apply what they have learned today, effectively combine it with practical work scenarios, and draw inferences from one instance to another. Strived for practical results in application, effectively used performance management as the starting point, fully mobilized the enthusiasm and initiative of employees, and comprehensively stimulated the new vitality of the enterprise.


In the future, FHS Group will continue to focus on building a human resource management system that is integrated with the company’s business and can support the achievement of strategic goals. With the vision of becoming a prestigious global smart manufacturing enterprise, FHS Group will continuously explore the path of talent cultivation, adhere to goal orientation, problem orientation, and result orientation, improve management efficiency, optimize and improve management methods, systems, and mechanisms, and promote the high-quality development of the enterprise.

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