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Cultural Activity | “Harvest the Future, Create Happiness Together” FHS Group’s 2023 Annual Ceremony Concludes Successfully


As time progresses, the chapters of glory are continually renewed. On January 28, the FHS Group’s 2023 grand ceremony titled “Harvest the Future, Create Happiness Together” was held with great fanfare at the Kunshan Crown International Convention and Exhibition Center. Over a thousand employee representatives from the Kunshan headquarters and various project locations attended the event on-site, while employees and their families from overseas project locations and subsidiary companies participated synchronously by watching live streaming.

Leader’s Speech

Looking back at 2023, amidst accelerating century-long transformations, FHS personnel have persevered and forged ahead, garnering warm and abundant results from their efforts and amassing a continual stream of developmental strength. Facing the challenges and opportunities of 2024, Mr. Yang Ping, Chairman and General Manager of the Group, specified clear demands for FHS’s future development in his address at the evening party:

1. Dual wheel drive: Continuously cultivating high-quality domestic customer resources and rapidly expanding overseas markets to build new competitive advantages;

2. Vertical and horizontal integration: Direct the optimization of the group’s management activities through heightened corporate governance standards;

3. Unity from top to bottom: Fully advance the realization of the group’s strategic goals, strategic initiatives, and annual plans;

4. Exploration and innovation: Continuously enhance innovation in products/services, business models, and operational modes

5. Strengthen collaboration: Develop end-to-end capabilities for cost reduction across the entire value chain, achieving comprehensive cost-efficiency improvements.

Management Officials Delivered New Year’s Oath

In recent years, FHS continuously expands its market and innovates, allowing customers and partners to see the unlimited development potential of FHS. It is precisely because of the high standards and strategies of the group leadership team that our goals are highly targeted and our execution has direction. Before the official commencement of the annual meeting, representatives from the management cadre ascended the stage to pledge the New Year’s oath, extending the finest New Year’s greetings to the outstanding individuals of FHS.

Outstanding Employee Recognition

Setting a benchmark as the direction, inheriting the power of exemplary role models. In 2023, amidst the increasingly fierce market competition, FHS braved the wind and waves, moved forward courageously, and still maintained a high-quality development pace. At the grand ceremony, FHS Group has solemnly recognized multiple outstanding individual and team awards, including the Best Project Leader Award, Technology Innovation Award, and Standardization Outstanding Contribution Award.

The growth of a company relies not only on the diligent efforts of its employees but also on their long-term dedication and trust. At the ceremony, we also honored employees celebrating their fifth, tenth, and fifteenth anniversaries with the company. We wish to continue our journey together in the new year, creating an even brighter future!

Exciting Review of Annual Meeting Programs

The members of the FHS family are not only excellent in their work but also incredibly talented. The vibrant songs and dances ignited the atmosphere; the mesmerizing magic left everyone in awe; the powerful poetry recitations stirred the soul. The opening song “Do You Want to Dance?” instantly energized the audience; the grand chorus “I Believe” filled the stage with passion…

Let’s review the exciting moments together!

At such a grand moment, of course, our lucky draw was indispensable! During the ceremony, FHS also prepared generous gifts for everyone, and the atmosphere was lively, with joyful cheers and excitement intertwined, pushing the atmosphere of the annual conference to a climax time and time again.

In 2024, the people of FHS will continue to pursue excellence with even greater enthusiasm and unwavering determination. We will enhance our core competitiveness, provide customers with higher-quality products and services, maintain innovative thinking, and actively explore new technologies and models. We eagerly anticipate forging ahead hand in hand with more customers, employees, and partners, collectively charting a brighter future together.

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