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Good News! Recognition Achieved Again! FHS Group has been awarded the ” VREMT Company 2023 Outstanding Contribution Award”


On March 11, the 2023 Supplier Partner Conference of VREMT Company was held grandly at the Hangzhou International Expo Center, with the theme of “United in Effort, Striving for Excellence”. As one of the important long-term trusted partners of Zeekr Group & VREMT Company, FHS Group was invited to participate. Mr. Yang Ping, Chairman and General Manager, and Ms. Cao Juan, Deputy General Manager of Group Operations, attended the conference as representatives.

For many years, FHS Group has always maintained deep and close cooperation with Zeekr Group & VREMT Company. Relying on sustained high-quality product quality, rich project experience, and strong research and development technical strength, FHS Group stands out among numerous domestic and foreign friendly enterprises and has been awarded the annual supplier heavyweight award at the conference – “VREMT Company 2023 Outstanding Contribution Award”.

Excellent market reputation stems from the relentless pursuit of product quality. Since the deployment of intelligent manufacturing business in 2010, FHS Group has always adhered to the research and exploration of forward-looking technologies for new energy batteries. Under the construction of a strong R&D system, FHS Group continues to update and iterate the back-end process technology of module pack batteries, innovatively breaking through the UV spraying process that replaces the blue film wrapping of battery cells. It vigorously releases a series of intermediate processes and equipment such as large cylindrical battery assembly lines, high-speed thermal composite cutting and Stacking Integrated Machines, laser die-cutting and slitting machines, and continuously moves towards the high-end value chain of the industry. The acquisition of the “2023 Outstanding Contribution Award by VREMT Company” not only recognizes the professional technology and high-quality service of FHS Group over the years, but also motivates and motivates future cooperation.

In the future, FHS Group will continue to have the vision of becoming a prestigious global smart manufacturing enterprise, guided by customer needs, deeply understanding customer product requirements, continuously consolidating technological innovation advantages, leveraging FHS Group’s global service system to provide customers with more competitive products and services, working together with customers to accelerate the global electrification process, efficiently empower domestic and foreign customer strategic development, and strive side by side towards a zero-carbon future!

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