Market Activities


Exhibition Wrap-Up: FHS Group at The Battery Show Europe


From June 18 to 30, The Battery Show Europe was held at Messe Stuttgart.

FHS showcased cutting-edge equipment like module pack lines, maglev transport lines, large cylinder battery assemble lines, high-speed laser cutting and electrode production machines, high speed z-type cutting and multi-slice stacking integrated machines, high speed lamination cutting and stacking machines, high speed laser die cutting and slitting integrated machines.

Exhibition Highlights

During the event, many renowned car manufacturers and European battery producers visited the FHS booth for in-depth discussions and to explore FHS’s cutting-edge technologies.

Dr. Huang Fuchang, R&D Director at FHS’s Magnetic Levitation R&D Center, delivered a notable speech titled “Maglev conveyors boost cylindrical battery production efficiency” at the event’s main open technology forum.

Open Tech Forum

FHS has been committed to intelligent manufacturing in the new energy sector, strengthening our domestic market while expanding internationally. With over a decade of overseas delivery experience, FHS continues to build a global development competency. In the future, FHS will speed up our global expansion, implementing a worldwide industrial strategy to provide high-quality, efficient intelligent manufacturing solutions to clients worldwide.

Based in East China,
Reaching Out Worldwide

FHS Group is based in East China, with a global layout. FHS Group has after-sales service outlets and partners in many countries and regions around the world, and has set up subsidiaries in the U.S.A., Germany and Hungary, and maintains after-sales team and partners in the Czech Republic, Romania, Mexico, Poland, Hungary, India and other countries.

Leading in Intelligent Manufacturing
and Multi-Industry Development

Founded in 2010 and headquartered in Kunshan, Jiangsu Province, FHS Group is a global one-stop smart manufacturing solution provider. There are more than 2,000 employees, of which R&D team accounts for more than 60%. The business scope covers new energy, auto parts and life sciences and other intelligent manufacturing fields, providing intelligent, digital, flexible intelligent manufacturing production solutions and core equipment data services.

Continuous Management Optimization
for High-Quality Industry Development

FHS Group is committed to promoting digital, modular and lean management. We have a strong grasp of a number of core technologies, including control perception, laser processing technology and digital information technology. This allows us to consolidate our absolute competitive advantage as an enterprise. By continuously enhancing systematic management and optimizing our supply chain, project management, and talent development systems, we support rapid business growth. We are dedicated to breaking new ground in cutting-edge technologies and exploring innovative solutions in intelligent manufacturing, driving high-quality development across the industry.

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