≤12 sec/pcs

Cycle time


This project is a car steering controller assembly line customized by FHS for customers. It includes the BET Cover injection molding line, EMC-Filter bars cutting line, BET assembly welding line, and finished product assembly & EOL (End-of-Line) line. The functions include injection molding, cutting, gluing, hot riveting, resistance welding, pressing, electrical testing, EOL testing, dipping in mercaptan, typhoon cleaning, and automatic removal of NG (non-good) products. The entire line is equipped with a traceability system, ensuring stable and controllable quality.


  • 90% of the entire line is equipped with automatic workstations. Except for the loading and unloading stations, which are manually operated, all other workstations are automated and do not require manual intervention, greatly saving manpower. The production line is designed according to ergonomics, meets safety standards, and has a neat and beautiful appearance. The circular production line layout design is compact and reasonable for each workstation, saving space and ensuring smooth and stable operation of the entire line. It has great scalability and compatibility, and can be extended to accommodate different products.

Key Performance

  • Cg%Cgk≥1.33,GR&R<10%
  • Cycle time: ≤12[sec/pcs]
  • Technical availability: ≥96% number of parts(according to specified cycle time)/ unit of time




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