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Product yield


This equipment is a semi-automatic assembly production line for car light sources. The production line is mainly composed of a tray circular conveyor line, with each workstation reasonably arranged to complete all the processes of car light assembly. The process involves manually loading all the components of the car light source onto the tray, and then automatically performing component scanning, visual inspection, mirror riveting, PCB power-on inspection, heat sink gluing, visual inspection of gluing, pre-installation of heat sinks, screw installation of heat sinks, laser engraving, and manually removing the finished products, completing the entire cycle.


  • The production line has a high degree of automation, with each process arranged reasonably, and minimal manual intervention at automatic workstations. The robot operation efficiency is high in automatic pre-assembly and screw assembly workstations. Multiple sets of grippers can handle different models of products, and the equipment has a high degree of adaptability to different products. The production line is originally compatible with three different products.


Equipment capacity


Product yield


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