16 PPM

Key Performance


This equipment is mainly used for production testing of cell- module -PACK. The equipment adopts the form of automatic feeding in large packaging. The process includes code scanning, OCV testing, glue stacking, steel strip installation, module coding, welding, cleaning, testing, Pack bottom plate coating, module installation, accessory installation, EOL (End-of-Line) testing, and airtightness testing until the product is taken offline.


  • The use of die-cut roll materials and the use of a peeling and pasting integrated adhesive machine reduces the space occupied by the line body.
  • The glue sticking machine adopts one backup and one use, achieving non-stop material replacement.


Cycle time

Liquid cooled energy storage plug-in box (4 modules)
1P52S ≥ 16 PPM

Key equipment CMK

≥ 1.67

Equipment failure rate:

Module automatic line: ≤ 8%

One time offline qualification rate

module ≥ 98%, PACK ≥ 99.5%
(defects caused solely by equipment)

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