Machine Cycle Time (Consistent with GPA1)




Availability(for single station)


The GPA oil pump assembly line adopts a semi-automatic method to achieve automatic feeding, magnetization, magnetic flux detection, oiling, gear installation, sealing ring installation, gluing, assembly, curing, pressing, screwing, laser welding, EOL testing, and laser engraving for oil pump components. A traceability system has been established for the product, providing reliable and stable support to ensure excellent product quality for customers.


  • The equipment meets safety regulations and ergonomics, featuring a stable product fixture system, a reliable tightening system, and a dependable product rotation system.
  • The accuracy of assembled components meets the precision requirements outlined in the drawings.
  • The equipment has a neat and aesthetically pleasing appearance.
  • The equipment has been optimized in design, with a reasonable arrangement of workstations, product process flow, and transmission methods, significantly improving efficiency.
  • The design of each process mechanism is reliable, ensuring stable operation.
  • The layout of manual operation workstations and operation ports is reasonable, making it convenient for personnel to operate, reducing labor intensity, and ensuring the continuity of equipment operation.


Assembly Concept

Semi Assembly Line

Machine Cycle Time

<15 Sec(Consistent with GPA1)



Availability(for single station)


Working Day Per Week

5 days/ 3-shifts

Set-Up (Change Over) Time

10 Mins





Max. Production layout / area

13m*5.5m max. length x width

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