≥80-150 M/Min


≥ 99.5%


≤ 1%

Failure Rate


The equipment is mainly used for pole ear forming and pole cutting of rolled pole pieces (continuously coated pole pieces).


  • Wide compatibility: Compatible with a width of 150 mm-500 mm, compatible with borderless and edge cutting, compatible with single-sided and double-sided cutting, compatible with Mark holes on pole ears and plates
  • Intelligent fine control: Laser frequency conversion control, energy speed follows changes, one click type change, visual online monitoring, closed-loop control (tension, correction, cutting and dust removal wind speed)
  • Dust control: Unique cutting and dust removal control, with some areas of the equipment capable of reaching tens of thousands of levels

Equipment Size




Qualified Rate


Fault Rate


Compatible Width


Compatible Roll Diameter


Compatible Roll Weight


Cutting Accuracy


Cutting Quality

Burrs on the coated end face ≤ 12 μ m,
and burrs on the uncoated end face ≤ 30 μ m;

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