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Tension Fluctuation


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This device is primarily used for the automatic stacking of power batteries. It features single-layer composite negative electrode plates, independent cutting of positive electrode plates, and multi-layer stacking technology. By employing a dual stack platform with alternating stacking and cutting processes, the auxiliary time for cutting the stack is significantly reduced, thereby enhancing the overall productivity of the machine. The device utilizes intelligent AI recognition technology to conduct effective closed-loop detection of the size and defects of the electrode plates, greatly reducing the outflow of defective cells. The multi-cell cutting and multi-cell hot pressing processes improve the flow efficiency of cells within the equipment. Additionally, the device performs automatic cutting and Hi-Pot testing of battery cells. Before cutting, QR code pasting and information binding are conducted to classify the quality of battery cells, ultimately achieving automated and flexible production of battery cell stacking.


  • The single-layer negative electrode composite process breaks through the high-speed composite effect in terms of technology and improves the composite efficiency;
  • The single-layer negative electrode composite process facilitates the size and defect detection of composite electrode plates, improving the quality of battery cells;
  • The multi-layer stacking technology significantly improves stacking efficiency;
  • The single-layer negative electrode composite process, effectively reducing the tension fluctuation of the diaphragm and electrode, reducing the risk of diaphragm wrinkles, and improving the quality of the battery cell;
  • Adopting a double stack structure design, reducing the auxiliary time for cutting the stack and improving the overall productivity of the stack;
  • The single-layer composite unit insulation withstands voltage tests to effectively identify defects in composite units and improve the yield of battery cells;

Equipment Capacity


Alignment Accuracy

± 0.3mm (adjacent pole pieces)/± 0.5mm (whole cell)

Product Excellence rate


Utilization Rate


Pole/diaphragm Tension Fluctuation


Overall Size


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