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Assembly inspection efficiency


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The immune reagent assembly and filling line for special-shaped chambers is driven by a servo motor, featuring a precision circular track and tray for automatic stainless-steel strip feeding. It includes QR code laser engraving, multi-chamber independent peristaltic filling, multi-chamber independent precision weighing, automatic sealing, laser film cutting, reject cutting, robot automatic correction and application of anti-evaporation film, automatic film pressing, automatic application of irregular labels, visual CCD detection, and sorting of good and bad products. This comprehensive equipment is capable of completing more than 30 product process flows.


  • Adopting a circular track driven by a servo motor, the stainless steel strip has high accuracy, fast speed, and avoids secondary pollution;
  • Laser engraving of QR codes, reducing consumables, keeping up with the times, and exchanging traceability with MES;
  • Robots for picking and placing materials, with fast pace, flexible movements, and convenient maintenance;
  • Linear peristaltic pump has high precision, fast speed, long service life, convenient product switching, and no pollution;
  • Mettler Toledo weighing module, fast response, high accuracy, and MES interoperability traceability;
  • Using CCD visual inspection for key fixtures;
  • Backward shaped labeling mechanism, stable and reliable, non adhesive;
  • Equipped with anti-static devices to eliminate static electricity generated during the assembly process;
  • Accurate product positioning, smooth and stable operation, and able to meet the needs of continuous production;
  • The system has comprehensive diagnostic functions to identify and explain faults, display the cause of equipment shutdown faults;


Product Qualification rate


Equipment OEE


Production Cycle Time


Maximum Conveying Speed

2 M/S

Average Speed of
Circular Orbit Operation


Overall Size


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