Air tightness testing; Functional testing; CMK


Cycle Time


This equipment is used for throttle valve production, assembly quality inspection, and product performance testing. The production process involves laser marking of the shell; c-shim, Center shaft, bushing, bushing pressing and oiling; Spring PIN press fit; Disc pressing and screwing; Assembly of fan teeth and their torque springs; Magnet assembly, dispensing, curing; Motor assembly and locking screw point grease; COVER, POT, Buckle assembly; Air tightness testing; Final inspection, etc. The production line fully considered the compatibility of the customer's 5 series products and their updates during the design process.


  • The equipment structure is compact. The production line uses five 4-station indexing discs and three 6-station indexing discs, integrating many workstations into one workstation.
  • High degree of automation. All parts are automatically installed and inspected for installation quality. The production line uses two 4-axis robots and three collaborative robots to achieve product assembly and transportation.
  • High safety standards. The production line is designed according to European safety standards.
  • Advanced production technology. All production lines are equipped with automatic and semi-automatic production operations, and the production equipment is highly intelligent, making it easy for operators to operate


  • Cycle Time: 15 sec/part;
  • Stable Axle Pressing Depth: CMK≥1.67;
  • Stable Lining Pressing Depth: CMK≥1.67;
  • Stable Spring Pin Pressing Depth: CMK≥1.67;
  • Stable Motor Screw Tightening Torque and Depth: CMK≥1.67;
  • Stable Fan Tooth Angle Adjustment System and Flatness Detection: CMK≥1.67;
  • Maximum Magnet Assembly Force: 180N;
  • Perform MSA on product leakage rate, R&R<10%, 50 samples;
    Perform MSA by closing the gas flow rate in the dead position, R&R<10%, 50 samples;
  • Perform MSA for free position gas flow rate, R&R<10%, 50 samples.
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