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This production line is mainly used for the assembly automation production of well-known battery components in the industry.

The material is loaded in frames, and the production line automatically unloads and stacks the material frames. The system automatically grabs battery cells, adjusts the distance between them on a variable distance platform for deployment, performs scanning and OCV testing, and replaces defective cells. It also applies adhesive for Beam grouping, performs large surface pasting, applies water-cooled version pasting, and stacks cells into small units, which are then stacked into modules.

The Pack section integrates an AGV flexible logistics system, automatic gluing and visual inspection equipment, automatic box loading equipment for battery cell modules, automatic pressurization and pressure holding equipment after module loading, automatic nail tightening equipment for the upper cover, as well as equipment for online box handling and offline finished product handling.


  • The production line features a flexible design, allowing for the change of different blueprints with just one click.
  • The production line has a high degree of automation. Core tasks such as Beam grouping, Block stacking, and module stacking are all performed automatically by robots. This reduces the influence of human factors, enhances efficiency, and ensures strong consistency.
  • The assembly process for the core station battery module has been updated from inverted module placement to upright module placement. This change avoids flipping the uncured Pack after placement, further improving the stability of the assembly process.
  • The pack segment achieves full automation of core processes, greatly improving production efficiency, enhancing the stability of process technology, and ensuring good product consistency.



Module 15 S/Beam 300 s/Pack

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