This production line completes the final assembly and inspection of the car central control screen through the following processes.

Manual feeding of the product front cover, PCBA, and wiring harness is performed, followed by manual insertion of the wiring harness. The equipment is then moved to the rear workstation of the turntable. The device automatically detects the wiring harness with GT and uses a tightening gun to secure the PCBA and front cover. The two-axis robotic arm automatically moves to the next workstation. Manual feeding of the back shell and metal protective cover is performed. The equipment automatically marks the components, and the robot automatically grabs the back shell and metal protective cover, moving them to the front cover at the next workstation. The equipment turntable then moves to the lower workstation, and the tightening gun secures the product. The two-axis robotic arm moves to the lower workstation, where another robotic arm grabs the product and moves it to the product function testing station. After testing, the product is placed on the conveyor line. Finally, the product is manually moved to the film application station, where the equipment automatically applies the protective film.


  • The overall style of the production line is consistent, with a beautiful appearance. The structure is optimized reasonably, and combined with automatic equipment, robots, and conveyor lines, it minimizes manpower and improves work efficiency. The operation steps are simple, the operating space is reasonable, and the operation height conforms to ergonomics, reducing personnel workload. The device has strong compatibility and can adapt to different products by quickly changing trays and programs.




Number of operators


Type change time

10 minutes

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