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This device is mainly used for coating 300 mm * 300 mm flat glass; It is divided into three sets of production line system equipment:

I. Chromium plating equipment reflux line and supporting automation equipment;
II. ITO equipment return line and supporting automation equipment;
III. ISI equipment return line and supporting automation equipment;

The main process flow of Equipment I is automatic feeding of front and rear glass, robot picking up materials to the inspection station, automatic CCD detection, quality inspection, and then to the opening/closing station to complete the sealing and automatic stacking to complete the assembly process;
The main workflow of Equipment II is automatic glass feeding, CCD automatic photo detection, front glass robot automatically comes down, CCD inspection of product quality (whether there are cracks), offline stacking;
The main process flow of Equipment III is to transfer the product to the cleaning machine by the transplanting mechanism, detect it with a camera, grab it by the robot to the opening position, and enter the box cover mold combination cover; The main integrated equipment includes coating machine, laser coding equipment, sealant coating equipment, assembly equipment, UV glue coating equipment, robot assembly and handling equipment, silver glue coating equipment and electrical parts


  • Six Feeding Conveyor Belts, each belt can accommodate 144 shapes;
  • Shape Handling Systems, the system includes an automatic loading and unloading system, a 90-degree angle rotating transmission system, a 90-degree angle transmission system, and a “double track” continuous motion system. These systems feature appropriate tray stopping and lifting functions, allowing for no relative movement between the stationary tray during buffering and the continuously moving “double track” belt.


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