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This equipment is for the assembly line of automotive electronic water pumps, adopting a circular line station layout. The equipment is connected in series through conveyor lines, facilitating the flow of products between various stations. The assembly tasks include HOUSING laser coding, rotor magnetization, rotor shaft pressing, DISK press fit to SPIRAL HOUSING, rotor and impeller assembly, HOUSING assembly and impeller stacking and unstacking, CAN and O-ring assembly, EMC spring assembly, CAN stack disassembly, 130W stator bending/70W product direct loading, stator stack disassembly and stator loading, HOUSING assembly, 130W product pin insertion workstation, NG treatment and dust removal workstation, PCB pressing onto connector assembly, connector assembly and PCB assembly pressing onto HOUSING, assembly of gasket, ESD, D-ring, 130 station assembly, gluing, assembly of bezel and cover (automatic riveting), O-ring assembly, dust removal, HOUSING assembly, leak detection, assembly of membrane, CAP, and adaptor, laser marking, inspection, and packaging. The entire process is fully automated, ensuring the seamless and efficient assembly of electronic water pumps. Multiple automatic abnormal material output processing ports are equipped to guarantee the continuous and smooth operation of the assembly line.


  • The equipment has been optimized and designed to recognize incoming product models based on scanning codes, automatically adjust the width of the conveyor line, and is compatible with three product production;
  • Reasonably arranging workstations and product process flow and transmission methods in workstations has greatly improved equipment efficiency;
  • The design of each process mechanism is reliable, ensuring the stability of equipment operation;
  • The layout of manual operation workstations and operation ports is reasonable, making operation convenient and ensuring the continuity of equipment operation.


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