Technical Description

Magnetic levitation (maglev) or magnetic suspension is a method by which an object is suspended with no support other than magnetic fields.  In a magnetic levitation transport line, corresponding magnetic fields are generated by controlling coils. Magnetic force is used to levitate objects in the air and to move them within the magnetic field.

Technology Highlights

High-Precision Position Sensor Technology

FHS adopts a high-precision position sensor and absolute value encoder scheme to avoid zero finding when powered on;
Real time FPGA internal compensation solves the problems of position accuracy and lag during high-speed operation. The magnetic encoder solution reduces installation requirements, and with unique position compensation technology, it can ensure consistency in position feedback throughout the entire process.

Torque Ripple Suppression Technology

The lateral edge effect between the modules of the magnetic levitation system can cause significant torque fluctuations, making it a challenging technical issue to reduce these fluctuations.

FHS's self-developed motor controller, with its unique torque compensation technology, reduces torque ripple caused by optimized lateral edge effects. The intelligent feedforward technology improves response speed and ensures synchronization accuracy.

Mover Intelligent Scheduling Algorithm

The magnetic levitation system has numerous stators, and coordinating the related actions of the mover to meet the collaborative motion is another key technical difficulty of the magnetic levitation system.

The core scheduling algorithm of the magnetic levitation system is completely self-developed, including the stator scheduling algorithm, collision prevention algorithm, and the mover scheduling algorithm based on workstations and queues.

Technology Applications

Maglev Transport Solution

FHS is one of the earliest manufacturers in China to apply magnetic levitation technology to the medical and new energy industries, accumulating rich experience.

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