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FHS Group was invited to give a keynote speech at Gaogong Lithium Power Industry Summit


With the rapid development of the power battery industry, the power battery industry is entering a critical period of high-quality development. How to upgrade the quality and keep the high growth trend has become a topic of common concern for upstream and downstream enterprises in the power battery industry.
From July 3 to 5, the 16th Gaogong Lithium Power Industry Summit was held in Changzhou, and the theme of the conference was "the opening of a new situation" to unveil the topic "veil" for the industry. The elites of the upstream and downstream of the power battery industry met at the peak to discuss the new path of industrial development under the new cycle, among which FHS Group was invited to participate.
Faced with the escalating market demand, the downstream market has more stringent requirements on energy density, safety and cycle life. On the application side, technological innovation has once again become a key breakthrough in upgrading the quality of the industry.

On July 5, Que Zhili, Director of Research and Development of FHS Group, was invited to attend summit. He also delivered a keynote speech entitled "Equipment Enabling the Industrialization of 46 Series Large Cylindrical Batteries", saying: "46 Series Large Cylindrical Batteries have obvious cost reduction and efficiency enhancement, which has attracted many players in the industry to make a positive layout and have broad market prospects. According to the public data of major platforms, 46 series batteries will usher in a blowout breakthrough in 2023-2024. Relying on the innovative design of high-speed star-wheel linkage line technology, cylindrical cam continuous assembly technology and high-precision laser welding technology, combined with advanced intelligent manufacturing industry 4.0 control technology, Fenghesheng as a first mover has abundant advantages for the 46 series large cylindrical battery line industry. It has the production capacity of 1PPM46 series large cylinder pilot assembly line, 120PPM aluminum shell large cylinder high-speed assembly line and 240PPM steel shell large cylinder high-speed assembly line.“

After the speech, Que Zhili, the R & D director of our company, also attended round-table dialogue with other industry elites on the two topics of "challenges and opportunities of large-scale manufacturing" and "equipment demand under the trend of differentiation of power and energy storage batteries". The speech delivered lots of highlights and it was won enthusiastic response.

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